Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I am a Big Girl Now

Hellowww every one...sorry for not being in touch with you my beloved readers. Mom was so busy with my lil brother, Jordan. Now that he is almost 18month old, mom is ready to share stories with you again, and I guess this time I will share this space with my bro's stories too.

Well, time passed by so quickly and I am already 2y and 11mo old now. I am proudly announcing that I am off of my diaper, been awhile though, mom started to train me when I was not even 2y old. Sometimes I still need it during traveling and sleeping time, in case accident happened, mom said.


I discovered that I love singing and dancing more than swimming. Speaking about swimming, at first I was afraid of being in water, but then Daddy brought me to the pool often and I started to get use to it, especially since I have Jordan to accompany me now. It's fun being in the pool splashing water, but I rather having fun singing and dancing with Ompung Doli. He taught me how to sing some Indonesian songs whilst playing guitar. I guess Jordan enjoys it too, I saw him made movements when I was singing.


I also love to read, I mean..I love to listen when mommy reading books for me. Daddy bought us some good books to learn how to read and understand the stories. Mom is always impressed how I learn new words so quickly. As you may know, we use Indonesian language at home, but I pick a lot of English words from television and I speak English quite well mommy said. So many times, mommy's surprised with my ability in expressing my feeling and stuff in English. One day when daddy just got home, I told him: "good to see you daddy"...and mommy was laughing so hard. I did not know what I did wrong and what's so funny with that. Like the other day, om Martin was laughing hard too when we were just about to leave from his house and I said,"It's so much fun guys..". Oh..well, I guess it is just the way adult people expressing themselves, they just love to laugh.

Mommy and Daddy always say that I should share with Jordan. I do not really want to share, but I should learn how to, to make Jordan happy..I do not want him to be sad or crying every time I want to keep mine (toys, foods) for myself. It is so hard, but I am sure I can do it with mom and dad always reminding me.

Sibling Kiss2

I love Dora and Princesses. I own a lot of stuff with their character. I also love to watch Mickey Mouse Club House, Max and Ruby, Tooby Binyoo, Angelina Ballerina, Imagination Movers and Ni Hao Kailan. Mom have some of the episodes recorded in our PVR, so that I can watch it every time I want it.

Princess Bianca

Now about foods, I still love cheese as always. I love pastas, especially cheese tortellini. In the morning mostly I have 2 sunny side up eggs done without oil, but I only take the white one and I get mom to eat the yolks. Some other time I have cherrios with no milk. I also love shrimps and smoked salmon. Mom is not happy if I only eat the shrimp and left the rice on my plate. Recently I love chicken and tofu cooked with soy sauce, oyster sauce or taoco-fermented soy beans. For veggies, I go for corn, broccoli, kailan and green harricot beans. They are so yummy. Jordan does not like eggs, he loves tofu instead. Both of us love mom's fried rice and yellow rice too.
Weird that Jordan does not like popcorn...I love the cheesy ones. For dessert I go for mommy's steamed cupcakes and ganache covered cake. I can have them more and more.


There were times when I really like to sit at rear in a car, all by myself. I think it's all because I am a big girl now and I need enough space all for my own. I also want to do everything on my own. Sometimes mommy is not happy with it, especially if it gets something to do with kitchen appliances, like microwave. I think I know how to work with it, but mommy always says she will help me to do it. Once I did it all by myself and I made a big mess..mommy was so sad. I am sorry mommy...I just need to show you that I am big enough to do anything on my own...I am a big girl now!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Yippie I am 1y Old Now!

Mom has been procrastinating of posting this update. Today she urged herself to do it. My birthday is on April 5, but the celebration was on the next day together with my dad's birthday celebration, since my dad's is April 2. On that day, mom dressed me up with pink Chinese-look outfit given by Ompung Boru. Thank you Ompung..every body likes the dress and gave me compliments.

Mom also ordered a birthday cake for us. At first she thought of ordering a "Winnie-the Pooh" sponge cake, but then since it was not only for me, Mom changed her mind and at the end she ordered a black forest cake. Seems like every body loves black forest, Dad especially..

The celebration was simple as Mom wanted to be. It was not announced at the church beforehand, we just casually invited people to come down stair to join the fellowship as usual, as if nothing special. On that day not many people attended the service, so the foods which were served were plenty for them, Mom was happy for that...so that people may have some for doggie-bagging.

We ate first and then it came the time when we lit up the candle...(sorry Daddy no candle for you..it was only for me..the number 1 candle!). I was so excited when people sang "Happy Birthday" song..clapping my hands full of excitement. Then Dad helped me to blow the candle. I did not understand why we have to lit up the candle for a minute or two and then blow it...??? Someday I guess I will know why we do it...

The above picture shows some of my friends at Sunday School and the teacher. I call them kakak, meaning big sister. I like to play with them and they take a good care of me.

For my birthday, Mom did not forget to prepare some goodie bags for Sunday School kids. The above two pictures show us the goodie bags and what's inside it. My friends were so excited to receive and open it up.

Of course I received some gifts for my special day too. These are what I got from friends. Thank you all! Right after arriving at home, I played with the new toys I got, without even bother to change my clothes first. I was so happy and curious with the new stuff! I am a big girl now Mommy...I am 1 year old, yippieeeee!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

9Month to 12Month Old

When I was 9mo old, I was more socialized than ever..I love to be around many friends. My friends mainly come from my church community and mostly they are older than I am, so I call them "kakak" meaning big sister in Indonesian. The above picture were taken at home during my lunch time I got a visitor coming..kak Vanessa and kak Bella (not in the picture).

This dress was kept by mommy for more than 6mo since I was born...it was given by auntie Shinta (thank you auntie). The reason why mom kept it for that long is simply there was no occasion which suit for me to wear this beautiful dress, beside it was still too cold to wear short sleeves dress. So one of a beautiful Sunday, mom decided to put it on me..I was 10mo old at that moment...I love to dress up!

Since mommy knows that I love to dress up, the following Sunday, again she put on me nice dress with a little sweater. This dress was given by Ompung Bulan (thanks Ompung). Not to forget, mommy also put 2 hair clips to make me feel more beautiful.

It was March and as you may know it is quite cold in Canada during this month. So I need to put on my thick hat that cover my ears too to keep me warm.

The above picture was taken when we paid a visit to Quebec city with Ompung Doli and Ompung Boru. It was a very cold and windy day. I needed to put on my thick cover-all and beanie.

For you to know...I do not really like baby-kids' toys...if someone give a toy for me, I would be excited to play with it just for couple minutes, and after that I am bored with it and start to search for other "toys". What I mean by "toys" can be my dad's electrical stuff, books-magazines, envelopes, pens, cable, microphone, telephone, laptop, computer mouse, key chain, mom's cosmetics, my toiletries..anything but baby-kids' toys.
One of those days, I really gave mommy headache...I was cranky and did not want to be put in my crib to play with dolls...even with the miniature telephone..(mom..I know it's fake...!! It does not sound like the real one). At the end, mom just put a used to be baby wipes box on my head-as a hat...and to her surprised I was so happy!! See mommy..it is easy to make me smile..

Sunday, February 24, 2008

6Month to 9Month Old

Thank God, I passed the half of my first year and definitely I am staying as happy and cheerful as before and as always. This is 6mo 1w old me.

I was squeezed and grounded, but I stayed smiling and giggling. 6mo 10day old me.

I was wearing outfit for 12mo old baby, but it fits. I think I am big now.

It was an early morning, mommy still had her long hair and sleepy I guess..while I was widely awake. This is 6mo 2w old me.

It was a very windy day and it's mommy's birthday. We went for late hotpot lunch in China town with friends from church and on the way home we made a stop at Mont Royal.

Mommy cut my front hair..I think I looked cuter..This is 6mo 17day old me.

It was Halloween day and Ompung Boru gave me this very cute bunny outfit. Mommy put the outfit on and drew the whiskers. I felt tickles when mommy did the drawing so I cried..I really gave mommy a hard time. I was just 6mo 26day old.

7mo 10day old me. I was stronger than ever!

I was 7mo 18day old and able to stand up on my own.

We went to mommy's friend's wedding and mommy put on her pashmina on me. I was 8mo 10day old.

This is our family picture for Christmas 2007, taken at home.

It was the second day of 2008, I was almost 9mo old and just recovered from diarrhea which I got during our Christmas and New Year Holiday in Mississauga. I looked skinny here, but I was happy to play with my new car given by Bou Tia. Thank you Bou..